Grade Level Teams

Special Services


Email addresses are

Ashley Culpepper-ext 3119   (SPED Resource and Inclusion Teacher)

Shelia Germany-ext 3131  (SPED Resource and Inclusion Teacher)

Lisa Martin - (Pupil Appraisal)

Megan Roberts-ext 3138   (Speech Teacher)

Kathalyn Syrie-ext 3137  (SPED Resource and Inclusion Teacher)

Olivia Wray,- ext.   3125                (SPED Self Contained Teacher)


Denise Andries, LPN

Brenda Castille, SPED Aide

Mahogany Calais, Title I Computer Lab Resource

Keisha Johnson, RTI Tutor

Brandy Lally, SPED Aide

Leslie Wiltz, Resource Aide

Cafeteria Team

Delores Calais

Contessa Davis

Yvette Patin, Manager, ext 3106 

Mary Perridon

Georgie Roberts

Lawana Williams

Kristy Pete, Manager

Homebound Team

Jonathan Frishberg

Al  Fuselier

Veronica Honor

Malcolm Calais

Carol Warfield

Environmental Services Team

Stella Alexander

Perry Babineaux

Clifton Matthews

Support Staff

Front Office Staff

Althea Dalcourt-Executive Secretary/Bookkeeper, 

Kennedy Rees- Secretary

COE Worker